Tips For Hanging Your TV On The Wall

by Marilyn Harris

Televisions are one of those electronic devices that are not lacking in homes. They provide many hours of entertainment for all audiences, allowing the viewing of series and movies adapted to each member of the family. In addition, these days they are also the perfect complement to record programs, use applications, or play video games.

The new devices are much slimmer and more elegant than the old ones. Thanks to that you can hang your TV on the wall without making great efforts. If you want to know everything about how to install a TV on the wall without cables, we advise you to continue reading the article that we have prepared especially for you today.

How to hang your TV on the wall easily

Hanging the television on the wall has many advantages: you will save space on your furniture, you will prevent the little ones – or your pets – from accidentally knocking the television over and, in addition, you will be able to adjust the inclination to enjoy the image according to your tastes and needs. .

We are going to offer you some practical advice to place your TV on the wall without incident or problem. Virtually all of the new models are designed to be installed on the wall. You will still need to complete a series of steps and get hold of some simple tools such as a drill, a stand kit, a tape measure, a pencil, and screwdrivers. Are you ready? Go for it!

Buy amount compatible with your TV

If you know the model of your television, it will be very easy to get a TV support kit. Most of these devices can use a VESA design that was created especially for compatibility with smart TVs. This mounting standard indicates the distance (in millimeters) of the four holes behind the TV. In general, it works as follows:

  • TV up to 32 inches: 200×200.
  • TV up to 60 inches: 400×400.
  • TV up to 84 inches: 600×400.

You can check this information for your television in the instruction manual, using a tape measure, or by consulting the internet. In any case, you also have the option of buying the support that the manufacturer brand sells directly, although it usually has a higher price than the generic ones.

Pay attention to the location of the cables

Once you have done with the support, before hanging the television you will have to see where it has the cables to see if there are plugs close enough to connect them. These details will allow you to avoid having to redo the installation due to miscalculation.

Knowing the length and height where you are going to install the device will allow you to make these checks and also know if you will need any type of special wiring. Not all televisions have the same type of connection as some are perpendicular to the screen while others are parallel to the rear.

Check that you have an internet connection in the room

Smart TVs need an internet connection to offer you all the functions that are installed. If you want to have access to the latest platforms – Netflix, HBO, amazon prime, etc. – you must have the TV connected to the internet.  On this subject, there are three alternatives: use a network cable -the most optimal-, connect by PLC or by WiFi.

Screw the bracket to the chosen wall

When you have made all the previous checks, it will be time to install the bracket on the wall. Use the pencil to mark the place where you want to place your television and check from a distance that you will be comfortable when you see it. You can use a level as support to check that it is straight.

After marking the holes where you will screw the device with a pencil, use the power drill to anchor the bracket to the wall.

Install the anchor on the television

Your anchor kit has mounting arms that you must screw onto the TV. Be careful and carry out this operation with the screwdriver, tightening until it is fixed but without tightening too much. Do not use the electric drill to perform this operation or you could kill your TV.

Place the TV on the stand

Once you have made the two assemblies of the kit, it is time to place the television on its new support. The instruction manual will indicate the procedure for the TV to be fixed and locked inside its support. This way you won’t have to worry about stability again.

As a tip, if you use a fixed anchor, it is better to connect the cables to the TV before placing it on the mount. Of course, do not have the device connected to the current until you do this step.

Use a cable duct

Finally, if you want to hang the TV on the wall without showing the cables, we recommend using a cable duct to hide them. In this way, you will enjoy a more careful and professional image in your living room or bedroom.

If you use all these tips to hang your TV on the wall, we are sure that you will succeed. In a few minutes, you will have your TV perfectly anchored to enjoy the best series and movies from the comfort of your sofa or bed. Until next time!

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