Tips For Choosing Your Perfect Game Console

by Marilyn Harris

There is a whole universe around video games. The number of next-generation game consoles sold on the market is so vast that it becomes overwhelming for inexperienced buyers. What console to buy? How to choose your perfect console? What is the best console? The answer is quite simple: it depends on your needs and tastes.

We cannot say that PlayStation is better than Xbox or Nintendo since each of them has its audience. Opting for one console or another will depend not only on the budget we have but also on our interests on different topics: the target audience, the video game catalog, the versatility when playing, etc. However, do not worry because from this blog we will do our best to help you make the right decision.

Which video game console to choose

As we have mentioned before, choosing one video game console over another will depend on different factors. Despite the fact that each platform has some exclusive titles, almost all of them share some video games that make this factor not so decisive. If you are thinking about which handheld console to buy, we recommend that you ask yourself the following questions first:

  • What use are you going to give it? Daily or sporadic?
  • Is it a console for the whole family, for children, or for adults?
  • What is your budget?
  • Do you want to use the game console just to play games or also to watch movies or use applications?
  • How do you want to play? Online, offline, individual, or multiplayer?
  •   Do you want a console to play at home or to be able to take it with you everywhere?

All these questions can help you decide on one or the other option. For example, among the latest generation consoles, only Nintendo Switch offers the possibility of taking the device anywhere. In return, PlayStation and Xbox offer better visual quality. Let’s talk a little more about each of them individually.


Playstation 4 is one of the best-selling consoles on the market. Behind it is a large community of loyal gamers who have purchased all of its consoles over the years. The advantages that we highlight of this platform are:

  • Wide catalog of video games.
  • Catalog of exclusive Sony games.
  • 4k and HDR10 compatibility.
  • Best plug-and-play gaming platform.
  • Playstation Now: Payment service that contains more than 700 Ps2, Ps3, and PS4 games that you can enjoy forever once you contract the service.
  • Playstation Plus: Paid subscription that incorporates new video games without paying more, in addition to playing online.
  • Affordable virtual reality technology.
  • Virtual store (Ps Store) with free downloadable content.


Xbox is a company that has been working since 2001 in the video game sector. His latest consoles are Xbox One X and Xbox One S. Below we summarize the main characteristics of this platform:

  • Catalog focused on competitive games.
  • Game compatibility between Xbox 360 and Xbox One.
  • Quietest console within the last generation.
  • 4k video game reading.
  • Smaller catalog of video games than Ps4.
  • Possibility of recording and streaming in 4k.
  • The only game console with a 4k and HDR Blu-ray player.


Nintendo has always been a considerate company for the whole family. Specialized in offering games for all audiences. Although during the last time the company was not included in the most competitive range, its Nintendo Switch has been very well received by the community for the following reasons:

  • High shock resistance.
  • Wide catalog of family games for all audiences.
  • Long battery life, perfect for travel.
  • Low loading screen time.
  • Possibility of taking it with you anywhere thanks to its built-in screen.
  • Its joy-con controls allow you to share the controls with family members or use them together.

Final conclusion: The best console is the one that suits your tastes

Remember that there is no one better than another since everything depends on your priorities and tastes: if you are looking for an option for the whole family, we recommend you buy a Nintendo Switch; If you prefer to bet on image quality and content playback, then Xbox is your ideal partner; Finally, if you prefer a more competitive and current catalog, Ps4 is the best possible option.

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