JAA Lifestyle Login ID / Registration Process , Know the Steps – Guide 2022

by Marilyn Harris

Today the pandemic of COVID-19 has changed people’s lifestyles, and the economic development of the country has been poorly affected. Also, the expenses of every necessity are rising each day. So to fulfill basic requirements people look for various opportunities to earn more money and for this, the internet has become one of the biggest helpful sources to earn an extra income. Moreover, people are now working on the internet and earning just by sitting at home.

As the internet is the most common source of earnings, some portals provide people an opportunity to earn extra money in an easy way. One such popular portal is known as the JAA lifestyle. It is a freshly set up, UK-based company that permits people worldwide to engage diligently through associated business versions.

About JAA lifestyle

Jumpstart An Amazing Lifestyle started on 3rd December 2020 and was registered by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) in Bangalore. This venture operates from London. It is an advertisement-based business venture. This company is working on the concepts of network marketing. The main slogan of the company is that the lifestyle of the people working in the company can change and help them to become self-dependent. Also, they assure that the prime members also get the shares of the company.

Company Profile :

Name – JAA Lifestyle India Private Limited

Portal name – www.jaalifestyle.com

Founders – Johnny, Jolly Johnny

Company Type – Finance/ MLM

Email id- jaalifestyleindiapvtltd[email protected]

Company Status – Online (active)

This website is completely operational in India. This portal offers different options to earn additional money by just simple tasks such as watching ads, referral programs, portal rewards, and also users can earn by referring rewards for promoting the portal online through various means. 

JAA lifestyle Registration Process

  1. Open the link www.jaalifestyle.com on the browser. 
  2. Then, click on the register link.
  3. This link will lead to the JAA Lifestyle Community page.
  4. Now, fill in the information such as  Full Name, Username, Sponsor Username, Email. Confirm Email, Country, Phone Number, Date of Birth, Password, and Confirm Password. 
  5. Then click on the signup button to become a user of the JAA Lifestyle Community.

Working of JAA Lifestyle 

If a person wishes to earn money through Jaa Lifestyle Venture, then the first step is joining the company. The registration process is entirely free of cost. But once joined, a person has to spend 20 euros for KYC in the company. Talking about the Indian currency, a person will have to spend 1800 rupees to get the KYC done. Thus, the main idea of the company is to invest money in the name of KYC and to get other people to join the venture after seeing the advertisement of the company. They will also have to get KYC done. Only by doing this, can a person earn some income.

JAA Lifestyle provides three types of income to the people, which are 

1. Subscription-based monthly team income

Jaa Lifestyle Subscription Based Monthly Team Income is accessible only on creating the downline. A person will get some income on making the downline and getting the KYC according to the business plan. As per the income, to acquire Level-1, a person will have to join 1 downline in the directory to get the income. According to the level-1 layout, the company will pay the person 5 euros every month from each direct downline member. This is how a person can check for the earnings that will be available on the downline. These earnings are up to 7 levels, with 4 euros per member every month.

2. Free Future Share Income

As the name suggests, it will be the first income by the company. When a person gets KYC in their ID before the initiation of the venture, then the company will get free shares of the company up to 200 euros (about ₹ 18,000). If a person gets another person in their downline and gets their KYC done, then according to this the person will earn 200 Euro from the venture. Also, 100 JAA Crypto Coins will be paid by the company.

3. Free Ad View Income

Under this income, the venture gives money to its members for watching the advertisement. According to this, if a person views 60 ads in 1 day, the company will pay an amount of ₹230. Jaa Lifestyle provides maximal income under this wage, other than seeing ads, a person can also generate a downline. For instance, if a person puts 3 members in a direct downline and gets their KYC done, then the company will pay an income of 8.22 euros (about ₹ 731) every day.

JAA Lifestyle Mobile Application

JAA Lifestyle also provides the JAA lifestyle Application on the portal. Most people prefer using mobile phones instead of computers so, for this purpose, JAA Lifestyle has provided the users with a mobile application that affords their users the benefits of using the portal from anywhere and at any time. 

Steps to install the JAA lifestyle mobile app :

  1. As this app is only supported on Android devices, to install go to the google play store and search for JAA lifestyle on the search bar.
  2. When the play store opens the page, click on the install button.
  3. After the application gets installed on the device, click on open and continue to get registered on the application.
  4. After the registration process, fill in the login details to the account and start earning. 

Pros of joining JAA Lifestyle 

Currently, the JAA Lifestyle venture has hastened up its stride in India. There is an unlimited capability in the JAA Lifestyle venture. This is a direct selling company established on advertising, because of which the promotion of members is also quick.

  • As soon as a person joins the venture € 50 worth of free future shares are paid to the members.
  • The percentage of commission acquired by the venture rises day by day.
  • JaaLifestyle registration can be done worldwide.
  • JAA Cryptocoin costs € 20 for free.
  • Members also get a free international debit card.
  • Members also get a free Demat account for shareholding.
  • The company also provides a monthly bonus to the members.
  • By working for this venture a person can also get an advertising bonus of up to € 1000 for free.

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