Imginn : How to Use Instagram Without an Account

by Marilyn Harris

Do you also wish to download Instagram stories and photos of your favorite stars and celebrities but didn’t get the right place to download that?

The team behind the photo-sharing service recently made it much more difficult to access and view Instagram without logging in. However, there are some steps you can still take if you want to lurk without signing in or even registering for an Instagram account. Here’s how to use Instagram without an account.

When you attempt to look at Instagram content, you will now be met with a login page. One of the reasons for this change is to increase the number of active Instagram users with accounts. It will also increase your exposure to the ads, which help fund the service and keep it free for its users. One way to gain access to Instagram content without logging in is to use a third-party service. A popular third-party app for viewing public Instagram content is ImgInn, which you can access via your browser. It is an Instagram photo and stories downloader toll which is using Instagram API to fetch all the Instagram IDs and then allows the users to download the stories, images, and videos of the Instagram celebrities or stars whose accounts were public, not private.

About Imginn

Most of us were following some Instagram influencers who were famous or popular and we wanted to get their photos, stories, and images to be stored on our mobile phones or on our computers. But we can’t do it because not all the Instagram videos or images downloaders were providing us to download all the stuff of Instagram at one place that’s the only reason we had found imginn.

Imginn is a popular website that allows everyone to visit any public profile of Instagram anonymously without knowing them. Apart from that, the site gives multiple features like copying tags, hashtags, descriptions, and many more. imginn is popular among many young teens. because of its wide range of features. The best part about this app is that the user can use all of its features and the person whose pictures you’re watching and downloading will not have any idea about it. There are some limitations to using Imginn but these small things do not affect its huge capabilities. The user of Imginn cannot like or share other people’s content on Instagram. Other than that, you will not be able to like others people’s posts with the use of Imginn. It is getting more popular day by day. For its anonymity, people are loving it. The official link of the imginn website is

How to use Imginn

It is quite simple and easy to initiate imginn. For users looking at any public profile of Instagram models or celebrities. All that is required is to follow the easy steps mentioned below :

  1. Firstly, go to any browser or Google: in the beginning, go to and search for It may take some time to load because the site is a little slow.
  2.  Now, directly go for Imginn. Also, the user might get confused about what to do after visiting the website, it is very easy, just simply click on the search box and type the name of the account you want to stalk. It will show multiple accounts search for the desired profile and click on that person’s profile.
  3. It is important for the user to know the motive of visiting anyone’s account. Users can do multiple things from the site. Also, users can save pictures from any account they like on any sort of device. Other tasks like copying bio, tags, and descriptions can also be done with the help of imginn.

Various Features of Imginn

Now that we know how to use the website and its features, let’s talk about all the features this website has to offer to its users. Here’s a brief list of features offered by Imginn:

  • Users can view and download someone’s stories anonymously
  • You can view the posts of an Instagram account without them knowing and can download these posts as well
  • All kinds of posts, whether photo or video can be downloaded
  • It even allows you to backup these posts (you will have to do that yourself though)

Is safe to download things from? is safe to download images or videos from the website because the website doesn’t store any data of yours or doesn’t host any of those videos on their servers they only fetch the data through Instagram API and it’s also safe because it doesn’t ask for your personal data on their website.

Restrictions of Imginn

First of all, if you expect Imginn to stalk a private account for you, you’re expecting too much from this website. It does not have the capability to view a private account’s posts or stories. Its sole purpose is to view stories, pictures, or videos posted by a public account. It does not allow its users to post or like someone’s content whether it be videos or simple posts containing images.

Since Imginn is a third-party website, we cannot say for sure. If you’re surfing this website and worry about your safety on the internet, we do not guarantee your safety online and neither does Imginn. It is a third-party website that uses Instagram’s public API to allow all of its features to work. It does use Instagram’s official public API but still, we are not sure of its safety.


People who wish to use Instagram without an account usually want to maintain a level of privacy and don’t want to give Facebook, the service’s owner, access to any of their personal information. Some people may just want to minimize their social media usage, so not having an Instagram profile helps with that. However, they may not want to limit it completely. Even though Instagram is allowing us to use some of its features by providing us its public API, there is still so much Imginn cannot do.  It can do a lot of things but there are some limitations to using this website.

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