The 10 Best Gaming Chairs For This 2022

by Marilyn Harris

If you are going to spend many hours in front of a computer or a console, a gaming chair will provide you with a better gaming experience. Why? Because over time you may adopt an inadequate posture that later leads to muscle and joint pain. For this reason, although the price of a gaming chair is somewhat higher, in the long run, it can mean great savings in doctors and physiotherapists.

Tips for choosing gaming chairs

Here are some tips for choosing gaming chairs :

  • Comfort. It should collect our entire body comfortably while maintaining good body posture.
  • Size. We will have to choose a chair according to our size so that the backrest and cushions are located in the correct areas of our body.
  • Resistance. Choose an armchair with good materials that guarantee its durability. It is not the same to have plastic parts (more fragile) than steel or aluminum parts.
  • Adjustable. We will need to adjust the backrest, the height of the seat, and the armrests to adjust it to our body.

The best gaming chairs of 2022

If you are thinking of renewing your current seat or looking to improve your comfort, we show you below the best gaming chairs on the market.

Mars Gaming MGC2BR

From the famous  Mars Gaming brand, this chair comes in a wide variety of colors with padded armrests and headrests covered in polyurethane, making it comfortable, robust, and easy to clean. Very focused on video game competitions.

Devil X One

Designed for any situation thanks to its high-quality polyurethane materials that provide great comfort. The wide seat, with headrest, lumbar cushion, and option to adjust the backrest up to almost 180º. Highly resistant, easy to clean, and very popular in stores.


Designed for long sessions of work or play. Its backrest, seat and cushions are really well padded and resistant to deformation. You can tilt the backrest up to 150º and it has 13 different positions.

DX Racer 5

It can be tilted up to 135º and is made of high-quality materials that will allow you to use it on a daily basis or in eSports competitions. It has adjustable armrests and two cushions.

GT Omega

Synthetic leather and ergonomic design. You can tilt it from 85 to 160 degrees, offering the possibility to lie down to rest if you are tired. With a head pillow, lumbar cushion, swivel armrests, and shoulder support.

Langria Racing

If the previous one already allowed us to lie down in the chair, this one goes a step further. 175º inclination, with removable footrest and all its padded areas. Covered with synthetic leather and on the armrests, you can find some buttons to regulate its angle.

Newskill Takamikura

Another seat is designed for prolonged use. It allows the seat to be tilted up to 180º and its 3D adjustable armrests allow each person to customize it as they see fit. Accompanied by a rectangular lumbar cushion and a cervical one.

AKRacing AK-7012

Regardless of the use, you are going to give it, this armchair has the maximum possibility of adjustments so that you can regulate it according to your needs. Your neck and back will be protected and comfortable thanks to the fabric pillow that it incorporates.

IntimaTe WM Heart

Thanks to its lumbar cushion and its ergonomic design, the pressure on your cervical vertebrae will be reduced and will relieve the fatigue of longer sessions. With a backrest that can be reclined 135º and adjustable and removable armrests.

Phoenix Gaming Racer

It rests directly on the ground and we can balance our body on it. It incorporates two high-quality speakers that improve our gaming experience.

In short, there is a wide variety of gaming chairs capable of taking care of your health. And for you, which one is the best? Leave us a comment.

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