Advantages And Disadvantages Of Drones

by Marilyn Harris

If we stick to the Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy, drones are unmanned aircraft, so their handling is done remotely.

There are many advantages of drones such as carrying out sports activities, taking aerial photographs and videos for commercial purposes, locating missing people, combing areas of difficult access, and even for journalistic purposes. But these devices also carry great responsibility and certain requirements that the legislation requires you to follow.

How to avoid being sanctioned flying drones?

Drones and their legislation in Spain is a subject that you should know perfectly if you are going to use one of these devices. Here we leave you several keys to avoid sanctions from the authorities.

Do not violate the privacy of people

Many of the complaints that occur in Spanish territory, and that have to do with the use of devices, are related to the violation of individual rights to honor and privacy, which are included in national legislation.


Another cause of possible complaints has to do with accidents since if a drone falls and causes material or personal damage, it must be replaced. This point is included in Royal Decree 1036/2017 and stipulates various types of fines, from 60 to 225,000 euros.

The use of licenses

To fly a drone for professional purposes we need to have a license, but not if it is for recreational use. A medical certificate is required stating that the person who will operate the device remotely is perfectly fine and has no problem that prevents them from using these devices.

Places to fly them

When flying them, there are prohibited areas, such as airports or aerodromes as long as they are not less than 8 kilometers away from your device or in controlled airspace.

Another limitation in terms of where you fly is height. It cannot rise more than 120 meters above the ground and must always remain in the visual range of the pilot. If the flight is at night, the drone can do it as long as it weighs less than two kilograms and is no more than 50 meters from the ground.

In case you want to pilot it in a city, a maximum height of 20 meters and a weight of no more than 250 grams is allowed.

Is insurance necessary?

Civil liability insurance is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended to cover any material or human accident.

What can you do with a drone?

It can serve you professionally or for fun. Some of the uses of a drone that you can do are developed here.


In social or massive events

Always taking care of security measures, these aircraft can fly over the places where they are celebrated to obtain spectacular images.

To make deliveries

It is already becoming fashionable in many companies and countries to deliver different types of orders in this way, which also saves costs.

Emergency situations

Search for people, analysis of fire, review of a dangerous area, etc.


It can be used as surveillance for a company or even a border post.

To play

Have fun and have a good time with friends or family, as long as you respect the security measures.

What can’t you do with a drone?

We have already seen what you can do with a drone to get the most out of it. Now we tell you what you can not do with one to avoid major problems. This point is closely related to the first since many of the things you should not do are because they have legal implications according to drone regulations.

Do not fly in urban areas

We suggest that you use these devices in unpopulated areas, with a wide view and without the risk of causing accidents and material or personal damage. This includes beaches, parks, concerts, weddings, processions or demonstrations.

As we said before, it is possible to do it if your unit meets certain characteristics, but it is not the most advisable.

watch out at night

You should not fly it at night because of the problems it can cause, especially if it exceeds the allowed weight and height or if they do not have lights to indicate their position.

Do not pilot it in restricted areas

In addition to the controlled air spaces, the distance and the height that we mentioned in the first point, it should not be done near places where sports such as paragliding, skydiving or rappelling, among others, are practiced.

Not respecting this list can put third parties at risk and that implies, in the event of an accident, very serious fines and penalties.

Drones have many advantages and are very useful for business or commercial purposes and, of course, for recreational purposes. If you are thinking of purchasing one, do not miss these tips to choose the best drone for you. In Web Appliances, you can find a wide variety of these aircraft for yourself or make an original gift. Visit us!

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