5 Ideas To Choose More Efficient Appliances

by Marilyn Harris

As the path to a sustainable environment goes through awareness, we are going to talk about a factor that you should take into consideration when buying an appliance. This is its energy efficiency index, which must appear on the label in accordance with  Regulation (EU) 2017/1365.

This Regulation classifies electrical appliances into seven letters, with G corresponding to the least efficient and A to the most sustainable. In addition, the categories A+, A++, and A+++ are included, which are awarded to the best ecological appliances.

The best green appliances

Choosing these devices will guarantee better performance with lower consumption. In any case, the Regulation also requires indicating the approximate annual consumption of the appliance. So you can make approximations of how profitable it is for you to opt for the most efficient options.

Buying one of these devices will reduce your carbon footprint. Especially if you follow a series of good practices such as:

– Turn them off when you are not using them.

– Use them at half load when you are not going to fill them.

– Keep them in good condition.

– Avoid its abusive use.

But good practices will not help if you use inefficient devices.

Some sustainable appliances

In case you need to change an appliance at home, we have made a list of some sustainable appliances that you should consider. Its energy efficiency rating is above A, guaranteeing the best features on the market.

Fridge SVAN SVR1861 Cooler

This 349-liter capacity fridge offers you ample storage space. It has an energy class of A+ and only emits 40 dB, which makes it a quiet, spacious, and sustainable option.

Refrigerator SVAN SVR050A

It is the little cousin of the previous one and only measures 51 cm. This gives it a capacity of 47 liters, plus four for freezing. It also weighs only 16 Kg. Therefore, it is ideal for small spaces. And best of all, it has a low noise volume (41 dB) and an A+ energy rating.

Front loading washing machine OTSEIN OT1291D337

This washing machine has an A+++ energy rating. You can program a delayed start and it has 16 cleaning programs, which makes it an all-rounder. It is capable of spinning at 1200 rpm and carrying up to nine kilograms of weight.


Arctic air conditioner MSA 18 A++

Who said that being cool in summer meant paying a fortune on the electricity bill? This model has A++ energy efficiency and works at just 25 dB. It also has a large number of functions and a very simple and elegant design.

Dishwasher EAS electric EMD12X Class A+

This dishwasher has an A+ energy rating. Which allows consumption of only 273 KWh per year. It works at 51 dB so, like the other sustainable appliances we have selected, it is ideal for lovers of silence. It has four programs and a capacity for twelve cutlery.

Where to find the best green appliances

As you have seen, you can find all kinds of appliances rated A or higher. At  EliteMaze we have a wide collection, so you can choose the device that best suits your needs.

If you need to renew your household furnishings, don’t hesitate: opt for efficient appliances . Your pocket and the environment will thank you. Visit our catalog!

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